Our Investors

We believe that all Coloradans deserve the opportunity to build their American dream.

CEF investors are passionate about entrepreneurship as a way to build individual and community prosperity and want to leverage the multiplier effect of small business.

CEF investors recognize the unique needs of ‘unbankable’ entrepreneurs, but know that with customized, consistent coaching and patient loan capital, they too can flourish, changing the trajectory of their lives and their neighborhoods.

Why Invest?

Since small business is big business in Colorado, you can amplify impact through Colorado Enterprise Fund.

Your investment will:

  • Enable entrepreneurs to realize their BIG dream of owning a SMALL business
  • Create jobs and build ownership
  • Equip entrepreneurs for business success through CEF’s Business Advisory Services


  • Consider a grant to help more small business owners be successful.
  • Consider an impact investment (a loan) — money that will be put to work building Colorado’s economy and inclusive prosperity through small business loans

Why CEF?

  • Leverage - our ability to underwrite and service nontraditional small business financing is second to none. Leverage that expertise and invest in a diversified local small business portfolio. Spread risk and keep it local.
  • Expertise - our underwriting decisions are local, patient and flexible, enabling loan officers to use sound judgment, local market knowledge and years of experience to get deals done.
  • Safe - our loan repayment rate is 97% and any loan losses are covered through reserves.

Thank you for investing in Colorado’s economic growth, one small business at a time.

CEF grant and loan contributions leverage our expertise so that more small businesses have access to the capital they need to thrive.

Our Impact Catalysts give $2 million or more to support our small business initiatives.
Our Accelerators give $1-2 million to support our small business initiatives.
Our Incubators give $500,000-999,999 to support our small business initiatives.
Our Sustainers give $100,000-499,999 to support our small business initiatives.
Our Investors give up to $99,999 to support our small business initiatives.

Donate to CEF

Making an impact on Colorado’s small business community benefits everyone. Making a donation to Colorado Enterprise Fund is easy. Whether a one-time or recurring donation, either way, you’re making a difference.

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