Colorado Enterprise Fund | Small Business Loan Process


We have developed a simple three step process for you to follow to apply for a small business loan. The first step is to complete the application worksheet. At the very least, use the worksheet to gather all the documentation you will need to complete the application. The second step is to pay your application fee. The third step will be to complete the online application and submit it for underwriting. This is a secure website and the payment is also secure through PayPal.

step one

Click Here for a worksheet to help you prepare your answers for the online application. This worksheet requires Adobe Reader. To download this free software Click Here.


step two

You will be prompted to give your credit or debit card information to pay the loan application fee of $25.00 per borrower. Please Click Here to pay your application fee.


step three

Complete the online application form. We will provide you several tips for successful submission when you
Click Here.