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True Vos Health

Business Description


Backed by this trio’s visionary, marketing and financial strengths plus Marsha Davis-Conte’s 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in various industries, True Vos is designed to bring value to customers’ lives as well as to the owners’. This includes learning how to balance their time together on and off the job amidst the business’s rapid growth.


“We didn’t know what to expect and have been surprised at how quickly success has come,” Davis-Conte remarked. ”To have control over the outcome of the business and seeing results is great. It changes your life 24/7.”


Colorado Enterprise Fund Involvement


Another challenge for this family and their start–up was establishing a track record with suppliers and financiers to grow the company. “We went to our local bank to get a loan and didn’t meet their criteria since our business was too new,” Davis-Conte recalled. “Wells Fargo referred us to CEF where we got a loan. They were very easy to work with, very helpful and supportive. They’ve been great!”


True Vos received their first CEF loan as part of a new program with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses to deliver $3 million in loans to small businesses across Denver and the Front Range. Asked about other lending options she explored before CEF, Davis-Conte advised new small business owners to be careful. “Some can be very deceptive and disguised online. Take advantage of CEF. It was good to know they were there.”

Business Outlook


Poised to continue to grow True Vos with CEF financing, Davis-Conte and her sons, Nick and Tanner, look forward to having more impact in the local community with their business. “We keep setting new goals and hope to hire another full-time employee in the coming year. We also rent a local warehouse and buy from local stores as much as possible,” she said, “and donate to local charities that can use our products.”