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Sweet Action Ice Cream

Business Description


Chia Basinger and Samantha Kopicko have made their ice cream shop greener and more flavorful than most hand-churned parlors on the planet. Sweet Action Ice Cream is 100% wind powered, and their packaging is made from compostable materials.


But the biggest twist is their collection of madcap flavors, created by using locally sourced all-natural ingredients. Favorites include Salted Butterscotch, Black Licorice Sambuca and Brown Sugar Banana.

Colorado Enterprise Fund involvement


Sweet Action came to CEF with a solid business plan, marketing, sales, and restaurant experience. They qualified for a loan for additional working capital to purchase the freezers they needed to make their ice cream. Since the business opened in 2008, the shop has grown from three employees to 25.


“CEF is important because it allows hard working folks to realize their dreams,” said Sweet Action co-owner Samantha Kopicko. “Hard working folks have excellent and inspiring ideas, and CEF helps fund them.”

Business Outlook


Sam and Chia's dream is to achieve nationwide distribution for their unconventional confections, from Stranahan's Wiskey Brickle to Chocolate-Malt Whoppers and Baklava. Sweet Action is located at 52 Broadway in Denver.