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RMES Communications - Time 2 Toast

Business Description


Celebrating 40 years since its founding in 1976, RMES Communications is one of Colorado Enterprise Fund’s first borrowers and one of the Rocky Mountain region’s most established telecommunications firms.


What makes RMES Communications unique is its ability to adjust with technology concept changes.   At Denver International Airport (DIA) where the firm has held the public pay phone services since DIA’s inception, phones were transformed by retrofitting them into an advertising model on 250 20” monitors located throughout the terminal and all concourses - a technological marvel that is the first of its kind in the world.


RMES Communication’s growth has been led by entrepreneur, Herman Malone, who started doing whatever he could to earn money at a young age. “I had two paper routes in high school and worked through college. It taught me a lot about hustling to be successful and developed business skills I still use today.” Herman added, “Time spent in the US Air Force serving my country also taught me the discipline I needed to stay focused.”


Being independent and contributing to his community was part of Herman’s dream of being a business owner, along with adapting to the ever-changing needs of today’s business market. An example is Herman’s newest venture, Time 2 Toast, the first-ever liquor kiosk to open at DIA. “Because of my great working relationship with DIA, I saw the city had developed leasing arrangements for Retail Marketing Units (RMUs) at the airport,” said Herman. “I approached the leasing agency, Provenzano Resources (PRI), and DIA with my unique concept for dispensing wine, beer and spirits, and they liked it.” His one-of-a-kind liquor kiosk opened in 2015 and quickly grew to offer Colorado-made wines, beers and spirits.


Colorado Enterprise Fund Involvement


To help launch Time 2 Toast, Herman returned to Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) for a loan. “I first found out about CEF at a community forum many years ago, and was aware CEF had relationships with local brewers and distributors now,” recalls Herman. “CEF is an excellent source of funding for new startups as well as established businesses, so I knew their financing and great relationships with other borrowers in the beverage industry would be an asset to the success of my newest business idea at DIA.”


Business Outlook


Based on its first nine months in business on United Concourse B, Herman’s Time 2 Toast kiosk is another successful addition to the RMES Communications portfolio. “Visitors want Colorado-branded products to take with them and I’m blown away at what our state has to offer,” remarked Herman. “There are lots of businesses out there without track records to get bank loans. I’d hate to think where businesses like mine would be without CEF.”