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Missy J's

Business Description


Jodi was experimenting with carob recipes in her kitchen and stumbled upon some tasty treats that turned out to be 100% yummy. Free of unhealthy ingredients like processed sugar, dairy, caffeine and GMOs, replaced by natural and organic products,


Jodi first took her Missy J’s treats to local stores like Lucky’s and Alfalfas in Boulder. She has expanded to hundreds of stores since then including Whole Foods in the Rocky Mountain region and southern California, and Natural Grocers.


Colorado Enterprise Fund Involvement


To finance the growth of her popular new business, Jodi needed a loan. While looking around for equipment to buy from a company going out of business, she was referred to Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF).


“My loan from CEF gave me the ability to acquire equipment that made me more relevant in the natural foods industry,” said Jodi. “CEF has given me such positive feedback and support. They will be the first place I go if I need an additional loan for my company.”


Business Outlook


Now in the process of hiring some full-time people, Jodi has moved into a new facility and opened Boulder’s only natural candy shop, both of which will allow her to grow her business to new levels. “I’m looking for the right team in the production space to make my products with love, respect and enjoyment. I have a new pastry chef starting on March 1, and along with her skills for healthy baking and the Hobart 64 mixer purchased with the CEF loan, we can add healthier pastries and cakes to my treat offerings.”


Jodi goes on to say she’s lucky to be in a city that is a natural foods mecca to support her vision for naturally delicious confections. “I’ve come full circle and in my second year of business I had a booth at the Expo, where anybody who’s anybody in the natural products industry goes, and was honored with their “NEXTY” award nomination in 2013. Out of 2500 participants, 65 people are nominated. It was very cool and exciting.”