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Ice Box Knitting

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Ice Box Kintting

handcrafted hats:

Josh McGlothlin and Scott Baker have woven a unique success story with their handcrafted wool hats and accessories. Their antique knitting and sewing machines, combined with world-class yarns, ground them in timeless craftsmanship. But by upcycling wool blend sweater and old suit jacket pieces into fresh and funky hats and accessories, they are also entirely modern. Ice Box Knitting's new building in Longmont gives them the space they need to keep their heads above the competition.

tight knit support:

Ice Box Knitting has received two loans from CEF. While the initial loan in the early days of the company was earmarked for raw material inventory, the most recent loan assisted them in purchasing their new headquarters in Longmont, doubling their footprint from their previous location. Ice Box Knitting has also called on the assistance of CEF numerous times, receiving expert timely advice and critical referrals to other professionals for support.

the yarn unfolds:

According to Josh and Scott, "Our dream is to create a business that will continue to make high quality products long into the future." You can learn more about Ice Box Knitting at www.iceknittingbox.com.