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Business Description


EMTEK offers versatile microbial air sampling solutions for critical environments and systems in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and hospital industries around the world. The company's microbial air samplers help ensure drug production environments occur in an aseptically-maintained environment, providing alerts to unsatisfactory levels of bacteria and mold in production areas, which also helps reduce waste and prevent adverse effects caused by contaminated drugs. 


Colorado Enterprise Fund Involvement


Erik Swenson initially invested his own capital into his product ideas, but as his company grew to meet international demand, he needed additional financial resources to develop new, improved models and to produce greater quantities for export.


Referred to Colorado Enterprise Fund in 2009, initial financing allowed Swenson to develop and launch EMTEK's first globally-sold microbial monitoring system and to move to a new facility to expand development and production areas. Subsequent loans from CEF have helped the company launch a significant product in October 2013 and bring on new staff.


Business Outlook


EMTEK’s high quality standards have made it a preferred vendor not only for US-based companies including AMGEN, but also for distributors and their substantial customer base in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, and Australia.


“Business relationships certainly require a time investment, but our distributor base continues to grow due to trust in EMTEK and the quality of our products - just like CEF's trust in us,” stated Swenson. Recent sales reflect this trend with EMTEK posting record sales since 2014.