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Clementine Art

Business Description


Diana Mercer and her team researched and developed the first complete line of all-natural, certified non-toxic and environmentally friendly children's art products in America. Clementine Art is now featured nationwide in Whole Foods and in many other impressive retailers like Starbucks. So far, Clementine Art has done everything right, from product development and packaging, to getting the financing they needed to keep up with demand.

Colorado Enterprise Fund involvement


CEF provided Clementine Art a significant loan for start-up seed money to launch the business and pay for packaging, research and development, and a variety of other start-up expenses. Adds Diana, "The help we received from CEF was rather straightforward - simple cash flow assistance, yet it cannot be underestimated. We could not have continued to manufacture, ship, and sell our product without the assistance we received from CEF."

Business Outlook

"I dream of a world where creativity and the everyday use of simple and natural art products are part of a healthy lifestyle for children and families."