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Alladin Market photos


Aladdin Market

denver's middle east pantry:

In 2008, brothers Mohamed and Yasir Elradi and their cousin Saleh Musaid purchased the empty Aladdin Market on Iliff Avenue, just east of Parker Road. In short order, they have creatively, colorfully, and deliciously stocked their shelves to overflowing with food, staples, spices, and hard-to-find ingredients from Morocco, Iraq, Sudan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and more. Aladdin Market also serves the Middle Eastern community by providing select produce and fresh Halal meat, which is humanely slaughtered according to Islamic law.

a loan for lentils:

CEF provided financing for the Aladdin Market to expand its inventory. Today the Market offers an amazing array of food, products and ingredients, including lentils, beans, rice, spices, pickles, teas, cookies, juices, herbal remedies, phone cards, hookahs and tobacco. Mohamed has also tapped into CEF's business advisory services for assistance and advice on marketing.

dreaming in colorful cultures:

Mohamed (pictured in the foreground) and his cousin Saleh, who is in charge of day-to-day operations, dream of taking their unique collection of foods and staples into an online business as well. Adds Mohamed, "We are known for our extensive products from all over the Middle East, and our great customer service. We would like to expand our business to better serve these many different cultures." For more information on Aladdin Market, visit Aladdinmarketonline.com.