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A Touch of Bliss

Business Description


Starting her business in San Francisco, with a move to Dallas before landing in Colorado in 2009, Kerri Butler grew her company, A Touch of Bliss, successfully by managing and meeting customer expectations.


“In my business, wedding and event planning, people can bring many expectations that they may or may not share or even be aware of” Butler said. “My goal is to understand these expectations and talk about them with my customers so we can set realistic expectations that we can meet or exceed.”


Colorado Enterprise Fund involvement


Coming to Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) to get a loan was a new experience for butler who was referred by Chase Bank.


“It was the first loan for capital investment I’ve ever taken on,” Butler recalled, and allowed her to launch and brand three divisions focusing on corporate events (B Corporate Events), nonprofit fundraisers (Elevated Event Solutions) and social celebrations (Party Planning Group), in addition to A Touch of Bliss wedding planning services.


“The clients for each of these services have different needs,” Butler shared, “and my CEF funding gave me the ability to brand them separately and expand into these markets.”


Business Outlook


As her business expanded, Butler also grew her staff and support for her community. “We volunteer as a team every month for different Colorado charities – food pantries, shelters, animal rescue and others. Social justice is a priority for me and my company, and it’s important that my team is part of that.”


A percentage of A Touch of Bliss sales are also donated to nonprofit organizations and nonprofit clients are offered discount rates on services based on Butler’s strong and fair relationships with vendors. In 2015, her company’s practices got A Touch of Bliss nominated for the Daniels Fund Business Ethics Award for maintaining high ethical standards in her industry.


Noting CEF is a “fantastic alternative lending source” whose ethics closely mirror her own and whose service approach aligns well with her business model, Butler concluded, “It has been fantastic working with CEF. They understand how small businesses work. They are flexible with my business and my cash flow, and how I need to do my financials because I am a small business with a large staff. It’s been a great experience!”