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Streamlined Business Solutions

Business Description


The evolution of website design has been swift but not always affordable or effective for small businesses. Michelle Renee recognized this problem and set out to solve it by creating professional websites at lower prices.


With a degree in commercial art and over 18 years of design experience, plus a passion for small businesses like her own, Michelle started her website design firm, Streamlined Business Solutions, in 2010. She began designing one-page websites but her business expanded to provide larger websites, as demand increased for affordable web design.


Colorado Enterprise Fund involvement


Michelle soon realized she needed a loan to rebrand her business to fit the changing needs and to pay for marketing. She worked with the Boulder Small Business Development Center where she met a Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) loan officer who qualified her for financing in 2015. She designed her new logo and had marketing collateral created to position her firm as the go-to resource in Boulder (and beyond) for successful small business websites.


In addition to getting a loan from CEF, Michelle’s business also was turned around with assistance from CEF’s team of Business Acceleration Services consultants who helped her customize sales and marketing messaging to connect with more small business owners. Simply put, Michelle provides the design expertise a business owner lacks to create a profitable online presence while also keeping the cost affordable.


Business Outlook


Michelle offers fixed-rate website services from $499 to $799 and competes with other designers charging much more. “I enjoy helping clients streamline the process of web design, so their marketing budget stretches further,” Michelle remarked. “I have been called ‘resourceful’ because I can find clever ways to provide my clients with more for less, especially now that free plug-ins can be found for just about every function desired on a website.”


As for the value of CEF's assistance and support, Michelle stated: “What CEF has done for my small business is incredible. It’s clear that affordable web design is a desired service for small businesses across Colorado. And CEF helped me reach more of them.”