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"CEF made it possible for us to buy our building, grow our business and show our financial strength to secure an annual line of credit from another local institution."
~ Scott Baker, Icebox Knitting


“CEF has given me all the tools and support to help grow my business. I couldn't have asked for more.  They have been amazing!”
 ~ Valerie DeMasi, Baby Bodywork


“Colorado Enterprise Fund gave us a chance when no one else would. As a small start-up business, we found the CEF to be one of most beneficial entities in our arsenal; a community of people that helped us realize our dreams. Thank you Colorado Enterprise Fund!”
 ~ Carissa Miller, Black Shirt Brewing Co.


  • Cecilia Prinster
    president and ceo




    direct: 720.473.4054


    Ms. Prinster has served as CEO of CEF for over 20 years. As CEO, she is responsible for the overall operations of CEF, including program delivery, resource development, strategic planning, and public relations. Prior to joining CEF, she was a Training Officer and Commercial Banking Officer at United Bank of Denver which is now Wells Fargo. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a member of the CFA Institute. She serves on the Governor's Small Business Advisory Board.

  • Lewis Hagler
    director of credit quality




    direct: 720.473.4055


    As Director of Credit Quality, Mr. Hagler is responsible for insuring portfolio and credit quality. He also manages CEF's Northern Colorado lending activity including consulting with potential applicants about their business plans, performing credit analysis and loan underwriting, and providing ongoing business advisory services to borrowers. Prior to joining CEF in 1994, he was the Director of the Small Business Development Center in Boulder. He is an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in owning and operating a variety of successful business ventures, with special knowledge of the restaurant and food service industry.

  • Nick Massie
    director of finance and administration




    direct: 720.473.4060


    As Director of Finance & Administration, Mr. Massie is responsible for providing fiscal and administrative leadership to CEF. From budgeting, auditing and compliance to banking, funding and analysis, he manages our internal processes as well as our relationships with external funding partners. Prior to joining CEF, he spent eight years in commercial insurance operations management in Colorado and New York City. He earned his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Colorado, Boulder following his passion for entrepreneurship and finance as applied to small business development.

  • Alisa Zimmerman
    director of marketing and communications




    direct: 720.473.4069


    As Director of Marketing & Communications, Ms. Zimmerman is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and communication initiatives to enhance awareness of CEF programs and services among small businesses, financial institutions and community partners across the state. Prior to joining CEF in 2014, she managed marketing and outreach campaigns for DeVry University-Colorado, and worked with local municipalities as well as the Colorado SBDC network and the US Peace Corps in small enterprise and community development.

  • Alan Ramirez
    director of lending




    direct: 720.473.4053


    As Director of Lending, Mr. Ramirez works with the Director of Credit Quality to manage CEF loan operations and the Lending team. He consults with potential applicants about their business plans, performs credit analysis and loan underwriting, provides ongoing business advisory services to borrowers, and oversees loan activity in the Denver Metro area and other parts of the state. Prior to joining CEF in 2007, he worked as a loan consultant for Pulte Homes. Alan is fluent in Spanish.

  • Marcia Johnston-Walden
    senior credit analyst




    direct: 720.473.4056


    As a Senior Credit Analyst, Ms. Johnston-Walden is responsible for analyzing credit and financial reports to determine risk involved in lending money or extending credit. She is our Community Advantage 7(a) loan specialist. Prior to joining CEF in 2009, she worked in various capacities for a community bank as loan officer, interim loan operations supervisor and loan reviewer.

  • Robert Lohringel
    asset quality manager




    direct: 720.473.4057


    As the Asset Quality Manager, Mr. Lohringel ensures the security of all borrower assets and oversees any legal actions. Prior to joining CEF in 2008, he spent 25 years at Citibank as a Portfolio Manager.

  • Angela Valdez
    loan services manager




    direct: 720.473.4052


    As Manager of Loan Services, Ms. Valdez is responsible for managing the loan portfolio administration and documentation activities of CEF. She prepares all billing notices and loan disbursements. She is also responsible for maintaining several databases and providing vital information for CEF reporting. Prior to joining CEF in 1997, she was a Documentation and Funding Administrator for Newcourt Financial and worked as a senior accountant for Citicorp Retail Services, Inc.

  • Teresa Vanderbosch
    operations manager




    direct: 720.473.4051


    As Operations Manager, Ms. Vanderbosch manages the day-to-day operations at CEF. She is also responsible for managing the Pre-Underwriting and Closing department at staff. She earned her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Denver. Prior to joining CEF in 2006, she developed and managed the customer service department and staff of a title insurance company and has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service.

  • Tina Robinson




    direct: 720.473.4066


    As Controller, Ms. Robinson is responsible for corporate accounting and preparing budget, audit and other financial presentations. Prior to joining CEF in 2012, she started her career as an auditor/consultant at Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting, ran her own business for five years, and became a controller and director of finance in various private equity companies. She is an active CPA in Colorado.

  • Michael Jensen
    loan officer




    direct: 720.473.4068


    As a Loan Officer, Mr. Jensen consults with potential applicants about their business plans, performs credit analysis and loan underwriting, is involved with ongoing business advisory services to borrowers and also conducts marketing visits with our community partners and referral sources. Prior to joining CEF in 2012, he served in Iraq with the United States Army.

  • Megan Sheehan
    loan officer




    direct: 720.473.4067


    As a Loan Officer, Ms. Sheehan evaluates loan applications and develops referral partnerships. She recently earned an Executive Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame. Prior to joining CEF in 2013, she earned a Master’s of Arts degree in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins.

  • Hannah Gushurst-Jones




    direct: 720.473.4063


    As Processor/Closer, Ms. Gushurst-Jones is responsible for the Pre-Underwriting and Closing of CEF loans. Prior to joining CEF in 2012, she was a full time student at the University of Colorado at Boulder completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.

  • Renee Vander Veer




    direct: 720.473.4065


    As Processor/Closer, Ms. Vander Veer is responsible for the Pre-Underwriting and Closing of CEF loans. Prior to joining CEF in 2013, she provided support to local small businesses in the area of employee benefits as an Account Manager for a local insurance brokerage.

  • Robin Ramsouer
    lending assistant




    direct: 720.473.4059


    As Lending Assistant, Ms. Ramsouer assists in pre-screening applicants, conducting marketing visits with our community partners and referral sources and is responsible for providing administrative support to the lending production team. Prior to joining CEF in 2010, she spent many years as an Administrative Assistant in various industries.