business acceleration services


to fuel your small business


Join the Engine Room when you become a CEF client. This diverse community of expertise, knowledge sharing, resources, and referrals exists to help your small business achieve peak performance. If you need business advice or coaching with bookkeeping, cash flow management, profitability analysis or technology issues, CEF can help. We can also connect you with professional services in accounting, legal, marketing and public relations areas at minimal or no cost as a CEF client for the duration of your loan. Together, we can get your business firing on all cylinders. To get started, contact Business Acceleration Services Manager, Robert Anderson, at


  • Understanding and utilizing technology and software, including QuickBooks, to inform your decisions and track critical information
  • Expert help in general and specific problem solving and trouble-shooting
  • Review and improve management, cash flow and record keeping practices
  • Enroll in workshops or seminars on how to improve profitability in your business


your business

  • Expert advice in creating marketing strategies to expand your customer base
  • Workshops and training on marketing your brand, services, and products using social media tools
  • Expert advice and training in using cutting-edge technology to communicate with customers and promote your business





  • Receive one-on-one training in any area of business
  • Meet with a CEF Business Advisor who can help assess your business situation, identify alternative solutions, and design and implement strategies to solve the toughest business challenges
  • CEF Business Advisors are cross-trained to help you grow the bottom line and gain control of your business.
  • Engage our specialists in Finance, Marketing, and Business Planning


Disclaimer: The business ideas provided by CEF's advisors and staff are intended only to be helpful suggestions of an educational nature for the business. In no way should they be considered to be a requirement(s) by CEF or its staff upon a client's business. Ultimately, the responsibility for all business decisions rests solely upon the business itself, its owners and managers. CEF does not provide specific business advice that is intended to mandate or supersede the business practices or decisions of the Company, its owners or managers.